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Spring planting time. Nearly every State Agricultural Extension recommends spring planting beginning now! This is the best time to plant zoysiagrass. Zoysia goes through a process called Trans-Location beginning when the season changes to fall. This process can be likened to a bear in hibernation. Normally, during the growing season, zoysia uses the nutrients it gathers to grow blades of grass and spread via runners. When it switches to trans-location it transfers the nutrients to the roots and stores them there which gives you spring plugs ready to go!

Zoysia that stands the test of time, decide on the Original, the only zoysiagrass that has stood up and beat all others,
Meyer Z-52

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Meyer Z-52 is the answer for anyone in the Nation who would rather be out playing golf than tending the yard but still wants a yard that looks perfect. It is also very easy to plant unlike Zoysia that grows from the newer Zoysia Seeds. Originally developed in Beltsville, Maryland by the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Golf Associaton, it is both winter hardy and very drought resistant.  It's thick lush carpet chokes out weeds and requires much less mowing and virtually no watering when established.  Less fertilizing and no need for chemical applications are also advantages to look forward to.  This wonderful grass originally gained popularity with homeowners who found it to be a greatly superior surface for golfing.  Not only does it hold up under foot traffic it also heals itself.  You really will believe you're walking on a carpet in all seasons. No more mud being tracked in by kids or dogs! For further information and to see a picture of our sturdy solid steel Plugger installation tool you use to plant your plugs, please refer to the
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Meyer Z-52 Zoysia is a hybrid and therefore cannot be reproduced by seed.  The most popular method for homeowners to establish their lawns is vegatatively by use of Plugs.  Plugs of zoysiagrass grow from the edges of the plant, putting out runners or stolons in all directions but only on the ground. They do not go underground as bermuda grasses do. The more surface area you have for them to grow from the more rapidly they will establish. About 25 years ago there was a study done at the University of Purdue. Dr. Daniels, head of the project, showed Meyer Z-52 can grow an inch each day. This was in ideal laboratory conditions yet we have been able to replicate this for many years.

Our Zoysia Plugs are healthy 3 square inch zoysia plants. As Zoysia runners grow towards each other, each runner has what is called a node every so often along it's length. It kind of resembles a knuckle. Each node puts down a root and for all practical purposes is then an individual plant. The average "inter-nodule" length is about 1 inch. So it is quite possible in a 1 square inch plug, you will not have nodes. This activity is in no way similar to Bermudagrass.
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Mature Zoysia knits together to form a lush carpet which is so soft to the touch you'll want to walk on it with your bare feet. It will withstand the wear and tear of cleates and dog runs as well. Our plugs are shipped via UPS and are cut within 24 hours of shipping to assure viability. Zoysiagrass is unmatched by any other type of grass no matter what the application is. Homeowners, Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, Office parks and Industrial locations all benefit from its many attributes.

Our Sod is Cut With a 25 Ton Press to Make Large Individual Plugs. Complete Zoysia plants that you transplant into your yard. They are so healthy, they frequently begin growing in transit! When fully established Meyer Z-52 Zoysiagrass roots to a depth well over 2 feet!

Click on the image (below) to enlarge. Our Plugs are seen on left side of image, another, well advertised company on right. Please note that for 3 square inch plugs you are getting 3 times the amount of grass in each order compared to other offers of 100 plugs. Thank You for considering us. We promise to do our best to please you. Top pictures show grass side, bottom pictures show dirt side (note root development).

We at Smith Turf Farms are very proud of our product and feel it will more than meet your expectations. We realize you have many choices when making a decision about which company to purchase your plugs from so now that we have your attention we will work hard to keep your trust. Thank you for choosing Smith Turf Farms. Meyer Z-52 zoysiagrass plugs by Smith Turf Farms assures you of a picture perfect lawn and a descent Tee Time.
Smith Turf Farms Providing quality Zoysiagrass plugs to our customers since 1960 as well as to satisfied customers of many mail order/catalog companies, seed companies and fine garden retailers, From the Folks at Gurney's Seed and Nurseries to the Sutherland Chain of Lumber Companies and to your door.
If you've followed our directions we guarantee it to grow. Any plug that doesn't grow in 45 days during the growing season will be replaced free, including shipping! Please send for our complete warranty.  

  • Never Re-Seed Again
  • Self Healing/Repairing
  • Drought Tolerant, Lower Water
  • Winter Hardy to 40 Below Zero
  • Heat Loving; Sun Loving
  • Much Less Mowing
  • Plant into existing lawn
  • Chokes Out Weeds
  • Disease Resistant
  • Insect/ChiggerFree!
  • Better - Faster - Cheaper all make Zoysiagrass the most Environmentally friendly grass you can have for your lawn.

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